Choosing the Right Color for Your Baby

Colors play an important role in our lives. When it comes to baby outfits, some parents neither have the savvy or options to mix and match colorful outfits and some just stick to a monotone outfit matched with a colorful and cute headband.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are always. Most decisions surrounding color in our personal lives don’t take up as much time and thought as it does when it comes to choosing the color for a baby nursery and baby clothes. Many parents are faced with a dilemma and sometimes opposing decision about this. When it comes to baby outfits, some parents neither have the savvy or options to mix and match colorful outfits and some just stick to a monotone outfit matched with a colorful and cute headband. But what really is the psychology behind color, what effects do certain colors have on both adults and babies and their moods? Why are some colors more commonly and frequently used than others? Let’s explore discuss some of these and hopefully provide some kind of guide to parents faced with indecisiveness on color.


Color analysts and experts say that the color yellow creates a sense of security and relaxation for babies. Yellow is also associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. It creates an energy of cheerfulness and for the child and also stimulate mental energy and arouse muscle energy. This is good for toddlers as they explore their environment and discover their motor functions (such as learning to crawl) and play with toys. If a parent can’t commit to painting a nursery yellow, painting the playroom or just one wall with yellow is also a good idea. Yellow can be paired with cool hues to tone it down a little or with white to produce a light feeling. Yellow and white paint reflects light really well so it’s good for a wall facing a window.


Orange also creates an energetic vibe inspires creativity. It’s a combination of red which represents energy and yellow which means energy so orange gives a perfect balance of these two good feelings. Orange is also symbolic of strength and endurance and. It also sometimes gives a sensation of heat because of its hue so it could be a good color for winter or cold seasons. Orange is also the color of fall so can be used for a fall themed baby nursery or baby shower. Orange can be combined with dark colors to create a balance but if you’re feeling adventurous, it goes well with teal.


Unlike popular belief, in the 19th Century, blue was associated with girls and pink with boys. Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean so it’s often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, and confidence. Considering all the good qualities of blue it will be unfair to restrict it to just one gender. Parent’s can combine blue with yellow or pink to create a super colorful and fun vibe and feel to a nursery or playroom. Blue sometimes can be dominating so parents can incorporate it into outfits or nursery room accessories such as toys of throw pillows or blankets.


Green symbolizes harmony, growth, freshness, and safety. It is a restful color and gives a feeling of tranquility. Green is a good color to paint the walls of a nursery or toddler’s room with. Light green creates a relaxing feeling while dark green can be too overpowering so parents should be cautious when choosing a shade of green. A green carpet could give a feeling of being in nature or playing on grass. Green can also to incorporate into a nursery design by adding plants either conventionally at the corner of a room or with a more modern approach like a vertical garden


Red is associated with strength, energy, power, passion and even dominance. Red can sometimes be overpowering and so it’s best to dilute with other colors such as white or gray or black. Adding a pop of red could automatically transform an aesthetic or an outfit. Red is also good for accessorizing. Red evoked appetites so parents can buy red plates, water bottles or backpacks for their kids.

Earth Tones

Earth tones such as nude color, champagne, beige, and rose gold have increased in popularity. They are neutral and produce a feeling of relaxation. The also give a minimalist feel to a room or nursery.
Hopefully, these tips help parents as the choose the color of their baby nursery or when picking out an outfit.

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